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The title is a little misleading; yes, I will put blog posts here but, no, that's not all I'm putting up here. I've got plans to include video game reviews, interviews, twitter threads, and anything that I want to publish that doesn't fit in the other headers. Is that wrong? Maybe. Can you do anything to stop me? Absolutely not. Read below for a brief description of each post.

Game Review: One's Desolation This time I got to review and pretty cool and innovative side-scrolling horror game. Check it out!

Game Review: Mech Gears Another game review, this time of BKtdm's Mech Gears demo, featuring some pretty dope tactical espionage action.

Game Review: False Awakening Ep. 1 A review of the game False Awakening Episode 1 made by Salik Hussain. It's a trip!

Moving a Book to the Marketplace This is a look at how one can take a finished work and move it to a (hopefully) profitable published platform. I look at what it takes and how to do it based on my own research into the world of publication.

An Interview with Jennifer WendelnHere you'll find a literary interview with a fellow writer and peer who is part of my cohort in my MA program.