Short stories...

Short fiction by Ben SD
A Guy In the Attic This is actually a short drama about a person who has a house built around them while they're sleeping. It's one of my older works, and definitely strange, but it's one I like.

Artificially Indistinguishable This is a classic science fiction tale about a computer which learns to feel human emotions.

Alone in the Dark This was based on a writing prompt that went something like, "you wake up and everybody else is gone," but the original prompt is now lost to the annals of time.

At Home Nowhere This is one of the oldest stories I have here. It's about a pissed off immigrant and perhaps more poignant now than when it was written.

A Victim of Love and Lust The story of a spurned lover who was perhaps a little too enthusiastic with his rage.

Bargain This is a very short story about making a deal with the Devil. Most of these types of stories talk about how the deal works out, but mine concentrates only on the deal itself.

Batteries Included Like many stories here, the basis came from a writing prompt I found online. Although I've lost the source for most of them, the original prompt was, "Hopefully the batteries would run out and he would stop talking soon."

That Stone of Belial Thing I wrote this as a generic fantasy story with some comedy and modernized language thrown in.

Blocked: A Drama in Prose The idea for this was simply to be a fly on the wall in a married couple's home. In this drama, the role is filled by a literal fly on a literal wall.

Blood This might be the oldest story on this website, perhaps written in my teens or early twenties. It's about the lengths people will go to for their children, despite being written before I had any real understanding of the concept.

The D Word A flash fiction story about the D word.

Dark Dreams Sometimes the monsters that haunt us aren't any less frightening when we find they only exist in our minds.

Dug This is story of a man who digs his own grave, figuratively and literally.

Echoes Away From Here This story is about a pious man in a less than holy line of work. It's also one of the older stories on here and less refined, but...well, it's still here.

Extinct Just another post-apocalyptic story told in short form. I wrote it as part of a series I did for NaNoWriMo in 2014.

Fairy Tales I I wrote this to serve two purposes: like the previous story, this was written as part of my NaNoWriMo endeavor. It was also submitted to The First Line with it's siblings as a four part story using each season's first line.

Fairy Tales II The second part of the fairy tale begun above.

Fairy Tales III The third part of the fairy tale begun above.

Fairy Tales IV The fourth part of the fairy tale begun above.

A Final Request An old man makes a final request of his home health aide in his last days of life.

Fired As the title indicates, this is a story about a person who is fired from their job, only to subsequently extract revenge.

Fools of us All A story about the passing of time and the way that it inevitably makes fools of us all.

Forever In this story, our narrator makes a choice to live forever and then...does it.

Free Kittins What if somebody offered you a handful of wishes, but you had to do something brutal to use them?

A Ghost (?) Story There are lots of ways a family can be haunted, as can be seen in this conventional scary story.

Grandma's Rocking Chair It's just a sound that you remember from your childhood, but in a place and a time where it doesn't belong.

Heaven (or) A Pancake Breakfast With the Big Guy I'm fairly certain this belongs in non-fiction, but having not been there, I can't be too certain.

Going to Hell This is the spiritual (ha) successor of the previous story about life in the afterlife.

How To Get Away With Murder in the Workplace The story here isn't quite what's indicated by the title. It's not one of my favorites, but I wrote it, so here it is.

My Friend, Jack This is another one written from a prompt found in the infinite exapanse of the internet, "It's like you don't know me at all, isn't it?"

Johanna The idea to use this song, Visions of Johanna, as the basis for a story also came from a prompt, but I tried to insert my own style to Dylan's voice.

Lessons Learned This is all about learning your lessons in whatever form they come. There's no great moral or happy ending; it's just a story of how terrible things can happen to people.

Chez Lobotomie The prompt I used for this one was, "A man who sees ghosts checks himself into a mental institute, not realizing that the facility has been closed for almost thirty years." That's exactly what it's about.

The Man Written as part of my NaNoWriMo 2014 work, the prompt I used here was, "Write a story about someone falling in love with another, but is unable to face rejection. As a result, he or she makes up another identity."

An Exciting Nature Hike “He had resolved to be magnanimous about her choice of shoes in spite of the terrain involved.” I used that as a prompt to write a story about...well, an exciting nature hike.

On Sentience Written about how the almighty must view his greatest creation, this is a satirical flash fiction piece.

Painted Red One of my longest and earliest short stories, this one boasts more than 10,000 dated words about casual murder.

Predictions of the End This story or a man who can catch glimpses of the future begins with exactly what the title implies.

Tarzan of the Rains This story has literally nothing to do with Tarzan or Edgar Rice Burroughs, I just used some names he used first. This is another one written as part of my larger NaNoWriMo 2014 effort with the prompt, "It rains for two months."

Russians Develop Eye Lasers I actually wrote this just so I could have a brief writing sample of an article before I started writing shit articles for shit companies to make shit pay. The whole experience was shit, including this story, but this was still the best thing to come from that.

Remember In this story, an aging person remembers some stuff about being alive before they die. Oh, sorry, spoiler alert.

The Evil Roommate Drawn from a prompt that went something like, "Your character meets her new roommate," this story is about exactly what it says it's about.

Not Much is Really Sacred The title of this story is taken from a Bob Dylan song, but it doesn't have much to do with that directly. For this one, I used the prompt, "You have zombie-like symptoms, but you don't think you're dead."

The Sactimus IV Written before cell phones actually let you commune with God, this is a story about a high-tech mobile device.

But Now I See "There was a reason he was going blind, and it wasn’t the one everyone was thinking of." That prompt got me started on this lightweight horror story.

Deep Sleeper The prompt I used for this was simply, "How to live forever," but the story is really about a woman who lives her whole life out in dreams.

The Succubus I wrote this as a sort of homage to a scene from Neil Gaiman's American Gods, so I can't really take a terrible amount of credit for the most creative parts of this.

Tiger, Monkey, and Spider Like the previous story, I was inspired to make what could pass as a folk story by reading some of Neil Gaiman's work. Both this and the last one were included in my NaNoWriMo win of 2014.

The Lonesome Death of Daniel's Doughnut This is the story of a poor deceased doughnut and the man who loved it.

Twenty Bucks This isn't even really a story, but a funny list spawned by a prompt inquiring how you would spend your last twenty dollars in the final moments of life on Earth.

A True Unknown The prompt, "The fireplace leads to a wonderland, but only when it's lit," spun this story into existence. Like most of the stories I used prompts for, this was one part of a NaNoWriMo collection of stories (yes, not a novel at all!).

A Private View I wrote this silly and nigh-unintelligible story from a prompt asking to describe the scene of a battle between wizards.

Walking Backwards This is an old story with unfixed typos and incongruencies which I should really fix. If you can get past those, it's about the way we sometimes walk through life backwards, eyes turned away from the future.

What We Keep in the Dark A man captures all of his darkest fears and locks them down in his basement. This is a story of mental illness and what we all keep in the dark.

A New Wife This story actually used two prompts. They were, "It all changed when I saw how much she earned," and "Divorce was easy. Making sure that bitch and her boy toy didn’t get the house and the money was the real trick."

Maxwell Goes to Work While this was also written for NaNoWriMo the year I decided to do it in short stories, the only prompt I used was from my own life working the phones of customer service.